Contact Center Solutions

Rohde & Schwarz Topex GSM Gateway family products are a range of enterprise telecom equipment that enable direct routing between VoIP, digital and GSM networks.
Companies can significantly reduce their communication expenses especially the money they spend on calls from IP to GSM. Using Rohde & Schwarz Topex GSM gateways enterprises can easily integrate mobile users within their unified communications solutions.
Based on its advanced Least Cost Routing functions, the gateways can choose from a range of Network Operators and mobile SIMs, selecting the most appropriate depending on multiple algorithms.

Key Facts

  • VoIP – GSM Gateways from small to large enterprise
  • Scale from 4 channels to virtually ulimited number of channels and SIMs used
  • Fully integrated with RS Topex multiSwitch – SBC/Softswitch solution
  • Same software for all hardware products suitable for scalability and easy configuration of multiple gateways

Benefits and Key Features

  • Unified Communications Solutions integration with GSM
  • From 1 SIM per channel to multiple SIMs per channel
  • Rotate SIMs based on cost, date, time or other advanced predefined algorithms(usage, talk-time)
  • Increase customer contact rate for outgoing campaigns
  • Advanced incoming and outgoing call routing algorithms
  • SMS functionality for all gateways
  • Live traffic monitoring and advanced statistics(ASR, ACD)
  • Configuration via OAM or SSH CLI
  • Multiple Voice Codecs
  • Easy relocation of contact center solution – one contact center can easily move from one POP to another just by transporting the equipment