Fixed Cellular Terminals

Fixed-cellular terminals product family offers connectivity between enterprise voice line (analog, digital or VOIP) and cellular networks.
Fixed Cellular Terminals provide an interface for enterprise PBX or phones and the GSM networks converting fixed-mobile and mobile-fixed calls into mobile-mobile phone calls.

Key Facts

  • Fixed line substitution for voice calls
  • Back-up solution for landline voice services: avoid downtime costs
  • Standard protocols allow for integration with any type of PBX via analog or digital interface lines
  • Equipment can be implemented as hot-line in different scenarios

Benefits and Key Features

  • Least Cost Routings: Ideal solution for reduction of costs generated by the use of fixed lines to connect to GSM/3G network.
  • Fixed calls to own mobile fleet become group calls
  • Using external antenna offers excellent voice signal quality
  • Small investment, fast savings
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Friendly to use, easy maintenance
  • Suitable for SOHO and branche
  • Highly portable solution, easy to deploy and move along with temporary or seasonal points of presence shops on wheels, building sites, events, summer/winter house.
  • Fast return of investment