Shaping the future of ATC: Rohde & Schwarz at Airspace World 2024

Posted on: March 18, 2024

Rohde & Schwarz is actively shaping the future of air traffic control operations. At Airspace World 2024, the company will showcase the comprehensive CERTIUM portfolio and further innovative solutions.

Shaping the future of ATC: CERTIUM from Rohde & Schwarz. (Image: Rohde & Schwarz)

Embracing digital transformation is vital in shaping the future of air traffic control (ATC). Implementing future-proof solutions with enhanced operational advantages has been a major priority for air navigation service providers (ANSP) over the years. With more than a decade of successful migrations to full IP communication systems around the globe, Rohde & Schwarz stands out as the ideal partner for the transition to modern, resilient and secure digital infrastructure.

At Airspace Word 2024, Rohde & Schwarz will present its extensive experience and portfolio on topics such as:

• Migration to VoIP, with services and solutions optimized to support the process

• Trendsetting, fully IP-based VCS solutions for modern ATC networks

• Innovative CERTIUM RADIOS with security-by-design architecture

• ATC voice quality assurance, now enhanced with patented loopback monitoring

• Reliable identification and localization of calling aircraft on the radar screen

• Drone-based T&M equipment for high-precision analysis of GBAS during ground and flight operations

• Product launch: Introducing a new compact drone localization solution – for effective detection and countering of non-cooperative drones and their pilots

Rohde & Schwarz will round off the package with highly informative expert talks. The established event format covers specific topics, with technical deep dives and insightful dialogs on future trends in air communications. This focus of this year’s Rohde & Schwarz speaker slots are:

• Digital transformation: How to leverage IP benefits in ATC – Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 12:00 pm, Future Skies Theatre

• Addressing the risk of air traffic interruptions posed by drones – Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 1:00 pm, Wing Theatre

• How LDACS can drive the digital transformation of ATM – Wednesday, March 20, 2024, 4:30 pm, Future Skies Theatre