The R&S®VCS-4G IP-based voice communications system is a flexible and cost-effective solution for all ATC voice communications needs. It meets established requirements for availability, reliability and safety in ATC as well as the growing need for dynamic ATC scenarios with network-based sharing and distribution of operational resources. Built on state-of-the-art, future-ready technology, the R&S®VCS-4G ensures protection of investment and also provides next-generation ATC features, such as a virtual center and “ATC in the trusted cloud”.

Virtual Center Solution

Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) are constantly looking to improve safety operation of air traffic control services while optimizing cost structures. Our VCS-4G based Virtual Center technology offers solutions enabling creation of single logical platforms, allowing sharing of A-G and G-G resources between centers ….more

Key Facts

  • End-to-end IP technology from the CWP all the way to the radio while addressing increased safety requirements
  • EUROCAE ED-137 adherent solution enabling interworking with other vendors’ equipment or neighboring ANSP
  • Large portfolio of gateways to support different migration scenarios from TDM to VoIP
  • Distributed system architecture to provide high availability and cost-effective, pay-as-you-grow scalability
  • Support for modern services beyond pure voice communications (e.g. video, text messaging, SCADA interworking)
  • High flexibility and customizability to specifically meet different operational needs
  • Intelligent leveraging of market-leading commercial off-the- shelf (COTS) products for reduced system costs
  • Tight integration with Rohde & Schwarz radios (e.g. status monitoring, specific radio remote control operations)

Features & Benefits

State-of-the-art, future-ready technology for protection of investment
  • EUROCAE ED-137 based, field-proven technology
  • High availability through distributed system architecture
  • Nonblocking system capacity
  • Future-ready technology
Reduction of system costs
  • One partner from the microphone to the antenna
  • Pay-as-you-grow scalability
  • Integrated IP PABX functionality
  • Intelligent leveraging of commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software
  • Shared network infrastructure for voice and data services
Smooth integration into existing ATM systems
  • Safeguarding capital investment in radio infrastructures
  • Interworking with conventional voice communications systems and the PSTN
  • Flexible support of any deployment scenario
  • Compatible with all network topologies (enhanced star or ring)
Comprehensive system management
  • Easy to deploy, manage, upgrade and extend
  • Hot swappable interface cards
  • Advanced fault management and system diagnostics
  • Central monitoring of R&S®VCS-4G components and Rohde & Schwarz radios
Custom system solutions
  • Flexible CWP concept and customizable touchscreen interface
  • Sophisticated ATC role concept
  • Monitoring and control of radio status information directly at CWPs
  • Various additional applications available to improve situational awareness
  • Interworking with existing telephony systems
Next-generation ATC features
  • Smooth migration to an overall IP-based ATC solution
  • Sharing of resources
  • Virtual center concepts
  • Geographic redundancy
  • Integrated use of third-party systems and equipment