Bytton family is an intelligent services platform which provides high data transfer rates over LTE/3G+ Networks. Suitable for enterprise WAN and mission critical applications such as multi facility corporate connectivity, professional backup and M2M applications.
Bytton LTE Intelligent Services Gateway includes a large range of communication interfaces and protocols including backward capability 3G+, 3G & 2.5G network coverage, WAN, WiFi and RS232/RS485. Bytton VoIP is a 4G VoIP Router which integrates VoIP telephony features over LTE/HSPA+ cellular network and wireless high speed data routing in a single unit.
Suitable solution for the broadband data connection and VoIP applications, Bytton VoIP provides the migration of customer legacy PBX to the mobile operator IMS or NGN network.

Bytton VoIP is a cost efficient solution gathering VoIP, T.38 fax and data applications from the same equipment.

Key Facts

  • Enterprise WAN solution
  • Branch Office main WAN connection for data and voice connectivity
  • Extended temperature range options for deployments in harsh environments
  • Multiple PDP context for traffic separation over Wireless(4G) WAN links
  • Advanced Layer 2,3,4 data protocols stack

Benefits and Key Features

  • Advanced routing engine and backup between different WAN links
  • Backward compatibility from LTE/HSPA+ to GPRS
  • Secure communications through embedded VPN tunnels: IPSec, PPTP, GRE, Open VPN
  • Broadband and mobile
  • Traffic marking and shaping: Layer 2, Layer 3 and Application Layer
  • VoIP over LTE/HSPA+ network
  • SIP & H.323 support
  • Fax support – T.38
  • Unrestricted mobility with high data rates
  • Simultaneous voice and data on 4G/3G network