Established in 1990, Rohde & Schwarz Topex S.A. has been part of the Rohde & Schwarz group of companies since 2010 and its Center of Competence for voice switching solutions.
Since its foundation, the company’s culture stood for innovation and strong customer relationship.
Our main competencies are in the area of voice and data switching solutions, for both Mission Critical and Enterprise Communication applications.
Starting with the year 2000, the main focus of Rohde & Schwarz Topex has been on IP technologies, where we have identified significant potential for developing next generation features and operational scenarios for customers, cost-efficiently and with emphasis on safety.
With more than 240 employees, a powerful research and development center in Bucharest and production facilities located nearby, Rohde & Schwarz Topex has been expanding continuously, reaching a worldwide coverage of the customer portfolio.
Mastering the VoIP technologies as its core business, the aim of Rohde & Schwarz Topex in the years to come is to become the top mind choice trusted supplier for designing and delivering state of the art solutions for business areas like air traffic control, maritime communications, safety critical infrastructures and enterprise communication.