Safety-oriented management is an integral part of our management system. We regularly check the methods used to carry out safety-oriented processes and adapt them to current requirements.

All safety-relevant processes and methods are subject to continuous improvement. Any potential for improvement derived from the analyses shall be implemented in the form of financially reasonable projects.

The occupational safety and health of our employees is one of our major concern.

Management staff promote the implementation of EHS policy principles by example and appropriate human resource development. Management requires and controls implementation through management by objectives.

All employees act responsibly in terms of safety and actively contribute to eliminating and minimizing risks, promoting occupational safety and health at work.

We comply with all relevant laws, regulations and legal requirements. To the extent financially justified, we will use any technical and/or scientific progress in occupational safety.

We ensure that our business partners adhere to our principles to ensure the occupational safety and health of their employees to the extent that we can influence these factors.

All information describing the effect of our business activities on health and safety is transparent. We cooperate openly with government authorities, institutions and clients. Our employees have access at any time to all information about the effect of work on their health.

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