Rohde & Schwarz Topex All-IP Network Migration and Interconnect range of products will enable a Service Provider or Large Enterprise to migrate Telephony Services from TDM to VoIP. Solution is composed of multiSwitch SBC/Softswitch/IPPBX and media gateways (miniGateway, EoneS). multiSwitch can be used either as SBC at the border of the network or as Softswitch/IP-PBX in the core of the network.
multiSwitch provides CLASS4, CASS5 and CLASS6 services. Media Gateways offers conversion and integration of legacy TDM circuits with an IP network.
Companies can significantly reduce their communication expenses especially the money they spend on calls from IP to GSM. Using our GSM gateways enterprises can easily integrate mobile users within their unified communications solutions.
Based on its advanced Least Cost Routing functions, the gateways can choose from a range of Network Operators and mobile SIMs, selecting the most appropriate depending on multiple algorithms.

Key Facts

  • Multiple award winning solution
  • Hardware scalable – can run distributed over multiple servers
  • Complete SIP stack
  • SS7 and EuroISDN support

Benefits and Key Features

  • Migration path from TDM to VoIP
  • Very high scalability
  • Cost effective & High reliability
  • Multiple applications and services
  • Supported
  • Fully Distributed Architecture
  • Powerfull Class 4 routing engine
  • VOIP to VOIP signaling and media conversion
  • VOIP to E1 signaling and media conversion
  • E1 to E1 signaling conversion
  • High-availability solution