Your challenge

In addition to the standard deployment of voice communications systems in buildings and towers, requests for shelter installations are becoming more frequent. Application scenarios range from cost-optimized ATC tower systems to semimobile emergency systems and air defense (AD).

What these installations have in common is that space in the shelters is limited. How can all the necessary equipment, e.g. radios, VCS, radar screens and computers/servers, fit in just 30 cubic meters?

Beyond space constraints, the usual ATC/AD requirements for reliable air-ground and ground-ground communications and for cost-effective solutions have to be met.

Rohde & Schwarz Solution

The challenges that shelter scenarios present can be addressed perfectly by deploying a purely IP-based communications infrastructure such as the R&S®VCS-4G.

Small footprint

VoIP systems migrate intelligence away from the network core to the peripheral equipment at the network edge. Purely IP-based communications systems can function without a central TDM switching matrix, with only a redundant local area network. The controller working positions load all the information needed to execute all commands for air-ground and ground-ground communications from a database. The integration of VoIP radios in the overall architecture saves even more space. Sharing the underlying IP infrastructure with other data applications eliminates the need to install additional components in the shelter.

Reliable communications

By migrating intelligence away from the network core to the peripheral equipment, a failure in one part of the system does not affect the operation of the rest of the system. The fully redundant architecture results in higher reliability and availability. Using proven solutions from the air traffic control market ensures reliable communications in line with relevant standards, such as EUROCAE ED-137.


Sharing the same IP infrastructure for voice and data applications within the shelter creates synergies in procurement, operation and maintenance and allows the use of commercial off-the-shelf hardware to a large extent – resulting in significant cost savings.

IP-based voice communications solutions such as the R&S®VCS-4G are ideal for shelter applications, providing significant space and cost savings as well as increased reliability.


Rohde & Schwarz equips shelters from the microphone to the antenna

The defense organization of a South American country uses the Rohde & Schwarz voice communications infrastructure to equip several shelters with an IP-based airground and ground-ground communications solution.

The main components of the solution are the fully IP-based R&S®VCS-4G voice communications system and the R&S®M3SR Series4400/R&S®M3SR Series4100 radios. The entire communications infrastructure, from the microphone to the antenna, is provided by Rohde & Schwarz.

Defense staff at the shelters will be able to communicate with aircraft throughout the country completely independently from the outside world.

System overview per shelter

  • Rohde & Schwarz controller working positions
  • R&S®M3SR Series4400 VoIP radios
  • R&S®M3SR Series4100 radios
  • Interconnection to analog telephone lines
  • Antenna array
  • Communications infrastructure

The system is integrated by a local partner.